Freedom & Independence the core of our identity

BFI Capital Group is a privately owned and independent wealth management group domiciled in Zug, Switzerland, providing a broad range of services to international investors. 

Internationally Swiss

- Who we are

We help you protect and grow your wealth offshore - safely, conveniently and efficiently.

Adequate risk management and asset protection strategies are more crucial than ever. Just as in sports, where a successful offensive line is most effective in combination with a strong defense, wealth management must incorporate the right mix of protection, preservation and growth. That's precisely what we focus on. 

Comprehensive Wealth Management

- What we do

We are truly independent advisory firm and a group of people who care deeply about what we do and whom we serve. We can afford you with a trusted, one-stop, family office type relationship. 

Your trusted ally overseas

- What you can expect from us 

Our Mission - what we are here for 

Our mission and total dedication: to be your trusted wealth preservation partner overseas! 

We assist our international clients to select, qualify and access superior global investment opportunities in a safe and convenient way. We are dedicated to their full offshore financial needs on an ongoing basis with a focus on long-term wealth preservation, enhanced legal asset protection and risk-controlled capital growth.

PS: In case you are wondering who the gentleman with the crossbow is ...

It's Wilhelm Tell. In the 13th century the House of Habsburg was claiming ownership of central Switzerland. Tell refused to accept the intruders and set the foundation for our resistance. He and Arnold Winkelried, who sacrificed himself in the last great battle for the independence of our country, are the Swiss embodiment of freedom. These legends remind us not to take the luxury of freedom for granted - and to keep on standing up for it when it's in danger of being compromised.