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Maybe short explanation of motivation/reason? Working in our field doesn't simply mean to 'take care of your money'. The world is complex. The economy is not an isolated eco chamber. Directly influenced by politics ... An important and central part of our work is to analyze ??? in depth. Talking to our clients and partners, we know that some of these issues are of interest to them as well. That's why for certain focus topics, we take the time to sit down to write and share our analysis. ...

On the Brink of a New Era - Are You Prepared?

September 2020

How will the U.S. elections influence our future? what is there to consider for investors? What are the consequences of excessive public debt? What can governments realistically do to reduce it? What are the critical implications for your wealth planning. and asset allocation decisions?

Implications of the Debt Crisis

April 2012

Back in 2012 were witnessing an economic and political period that was best characterized as highly unstable and uncertain. A number of different trends and issues were important to consider. However, to us the then past decades of 'cheap money' and the immense level of public debt was the number one enemy of freedom, wealth and prosperity. Learn more about our analysis of that time in this Special Report 

Our Newsletters


by BFI Infinity

The BFI Infinity 'Insights" newsletter is a quarterly publication by BFI Infinity Inc., our group's Swiss wealth management company registered under the U.S. Investment Advisors Act of 1940 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment advisor. The newsletter focuses on key trends and events in the global financial markets and economy. Moreover, in the newsletter, the investment managers of BFI share their views, outlook and recommendations on how to protect and grow your wealth in this new and somewhat uncharted territory we have moved into.

The Digger

by BFI Bullion AG

The Global Gold 'Digger Quarterly' is a quarterly newsletter and review of precious metals markets, big picture trends and wealth preservation topics of interest to international investors with an interest in diversifying their wealth and protecting it via smart wealth preservation strategies, including allocating part of your wealth in real, physically allocated precious metals. The Digger is published four times a year and mailed exclusively to Global Gold clients, partners and subsribed readers and friends of Global Gold.