Freedom & Independence the core of our identity

Protecting and growing what is righfully yours - Our mission. 
We believe in honest, hard work and that the fruits of this work are to be owned by the private person that has invested passion and time to earn them. Our mission is to serve this person. We are here to build solutions that best protect your wealth from frivolous lawsuits, inflation, bankrupt states etc. and to tailor the investment strategy that best fits your needs and goals.   
Comprehensive Wealth Management - How we work.
Thanks to our three companies, BFI Infinity, BFI Consulting and Global Gold, working closely together, we are able to offer a uniquely broad array of services. With experts from different fields, we build your personal solution for international wealth diversification, protection and growth. For over twenty years, we have served many US investors and teamed up with US partners.  
Internationally Swiss - Who we are.
We are a privately owned and independent wealth management group domiciled in Switzerland. Our team is internationally Swiss – People from all over the world as well as Swiss that share a passion for excellent client service and have found a home in this beautiful country. We are here to be your trusted ally overseas.
P.S. In case you were wondering who the gentleman with the crossbow is... 
It's Wilhelm Tell. In the 13th century the House of Habsburg was claiming ownership of central Switzerland. Tell refused to accept the intruders and set the foundation for our resistance. He and Arnold Winkelried, who sacrificed himself in the last great battle for the independence of our country, are the Swiss embodiment of freedom. These legends remind us not to take the luxury of freedom for granted - and to keep on standing up for it when it's in danger of being compromised.