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The BFI Fireside Conversation Webinars are exactly what their name suggests: honest, open, and informal conversations about specific and current challenges we are facing and how we can navigate to protect and grow what is rightfully ours.

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Rather than just presenting our point of view, we would also like this to be personally beneficial and educational for you as you hear the thoughts of the BFI Panel and our Special Guests. If you have specific questions you would like to have covered, make sure to send them to ahead of each webinar!

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Conversation I - Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 5pm CET

A Difficult and Uncertain Recovery

Special Guest: Felix Zulauf 

BFI Panelists: Frank Suess, Daniel Zurbruegg, Dirk Steinhoff   

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the global economy into a deep recession. The question is now, how quickly will the economy recover? The financial markets recovered quickly and regained pre-COVID levels rapidly. However, they appear to have disconnected from the economy. Generally, when that happens, the markets and the economy always reconvene. How that will occur is at the core of our discussion in this first New Era, Fireside Chat.

Moreover, we will also discuss other elements that were reviewed in the Special Report, On the Brink of a New Era – Are You Prepared?, like some of the pre-existing trends and factors that were already in place prior to COVID-19, and those that will continue to be key driving forces for the foreseeable future.

“We often refer to the economy and the stock market as the master and the dog. The master walks slowly but steadily in one direction whereas the dog runs ahead, falls back, but eventually moves in the same direction. At times, the two seem connected, and at times they appear disconnected. But they do belong together, and it is only a question of time, until the two reunite and move in the same direction.” 

- Felix Zulauf

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Past Conversations

Special Report Series: On the Brink of a New Era

In September 2020, we have published our Special Report that discusses the influence of the U.S. elections on our lives, the consequences of excessive debt and implications for investors concerning wealth planning and asset allocation decisions. 

We had received many questions and comments from clients, partners and friends and therefore wanted to offer a platform to discuss these matters in depth. This is how our Fireside Conversations were born and how we started our first webinar series.