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Y-Series: Why is allocated preferable over unallocated?

At Global Gold, we often get the question of what is better, Allocated or Unallocated storage for one's precious metals. Global Gold's Scott Schamber explains the difference between the two options, and why we prefer one over the other.

At Global Gold, everything we do is geared toward safety and wealth protection. Therefore, our storage options exclude unallocated services. Our storage services are entirely and exclusively ALLOCATED.

In other words, if you buy and store metals with Global Gold, you will own physically allocated bullion bars or coins. These can be delivered promptly, at any time, even during a financial crisis, since they are physically stored and available. That is the big difference to unallocated precious metals, where you are dependent on the “promises” of a counterparty and where, as is generally the case with ETFs, bank accounts and other forms of so called “paper metals”, you may not be able to access or trade your precious metals in a crisis situation.

Scott Schamber, Managing Director, explains the difference well in the following video. For more information and for any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you in person or over the phone.

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