Located in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore & New Zealand

Storage Services & Fees


Collective Storage 
(Available in all storage locations)

Our Collective Storage option is the most cost-efficient and most frequently used by Global Gold clients. The bars and coins you acquire are stored physically in a high-security collective storage vault area together with the holdings of other Global Gold clients.


Our responsibility is to conscientiously guard and protect the investment of our clients. Our obligation is to maintain a 100% physical backing of our clients’ deposited metals in the same format.

Collective Storage,
Min. Value CHF 50’000

Segregated Storage
(Available in Switzerland, HongKong, Singapore and New Zealand)

The Segregated Storage option offers high-security storage of your metals in a physically separate box or location (shelves / palettes, depending on the size and formats of your holdings) within the Global Gold vault area.


Each client has his own numbered box or storage shelf. The serial numbers of your bars are allocated at the time of storage and specified on your Storage Report.


To qualify, a minimum value of at least CHF 250'000 in stored metals is required. We may accept storage of product formats that are not part of our standard product offering, but that will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Segregated Storage,
Min. Value CHF 250’000 


Key-Box Storage
(Available only in Switzerland)

The Key Box Storage option grants high-security storage of your standard bullion metals or your numismatic collection in a container, or the so-called Key Box, which can be opened only by the client in person or his representative. The declared content of the Key Box is fully insured.


To qualify, a minimum value of at least CHF 250’000 in stored metals is required. The purchase of a standard Key Box, including a lock and two keys, costs CHF 450 and our Global Gold Administration Fee is CHF 500. Up to 30 Kg of gold etc. may be stored in a single Key Box. For numismatic collections, the client sets the value of the collection using comprehensible judgments. The set value is the insurance value and the basis for determining the annual storage fees.

Key Box Storage,
Min. Value CHF 250’000



Annual storage fees are invoiced in arrears, in January, and in the reference currency chosen by the client (CHF, USD, EUR or GBP). Storage fees are calculated based on the prorated average value of the client’s precious metals in storage and in accordance with the published London PM Fix prices. In the case of numismatic metals held in Key Box Storage, the client has a choice to declare an insurance value that is higher than the market price.

100% Insured and Audited

Insured for the full value against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary. Internal audits are conducted on a monthly basis. Global Gold's entire stock holdings are physically audited annually by one of the big four international auditing companies.