BFI Capital Group

Comprehensive wealth management - dedicated to protecting and growing what is rightfully yours

BFI Capital Group is a Swiss, privately owned organization active in a variety of ventures ranging from financial services to technology. Our focus is centered on a comprehensive array of services to protect and grow our client’s wealth – continuously adapting our solutions to the manifold challenges and opportunities of changing landscapes and seasons.


Wealth Management

BFI Infinity Inc. offfers a comprehensive package of international wealth management, integrating services related to multi-jurisdictional wealth planning, safe custody, and brokerage, professional portfolio management, and consolidated reporting. Registered as an independent investment advisor with the SEC (the US Securities & Exchange Commission), we specialize particularly in the needs of North American clients.


Precious Metals

BFI Bullion Inc. offers a high-end, personal-service, non-bank solution for the safe-keeping, buying, and selling of physically allocated, investment-grade bullion bars and coins - gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We provide a variety of bespoke, cost-effective, and convenient high-security storage services in Switzerland and other international jurisdictions.


Family Office

BFI Consulting Inc., since its founding in 1993, has focused on multi-jurisdictional wealth preservation and cross-border planning. Incorporating the skills, experience, and services available across the firms of BFI Capital Group, BFI Consulting today offers strategic advice, managerial support, and family office services to a very select group of wealthy families and entrepreneurs with complex ownership structures and cross-border planning circumstances.

Professional Associations