AltAlpha Strategies

Solutions to navigate a new era of investing - addressing both the risks and the opportunities

AltAlpha Strategies is our effort at BFI to provide innovative and effective alternative investment strategies and advisory services that are suitable for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing big picture - a new era of investing. As part of our AltAlpha offering, we have launched three collective investment strategies for institutional and professional investors who are interested in co-investing with us.

AltAlpha Abacorum Fund

Capital Preservation

Diversified portfolio of actively managed and uncorrelating strategies striving to deliver compounding solid single digit returns at low volatility, as an “all-weather” position within your portfolio.

AltAlpha Digital Fund

New Frontier

Diversified portfolio of actively managed strategies within the digital asset space, investing beyond solely “cryptocurrencies», offering simplified access to a new digital frontier with a high reward/volatility profile.

AltAlpha Integrity Gold Fund

Sound Money

Uncompromised physical gold fund. The gold bars are produced from a Swiss refiner and all operations are conducted within Switzerland held at high security vaults outside of the banking system.