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February 21, 2023

Blockchain beyond Crypto

This is the second part of our Conversation with Bruno Ciscato from R3.

The first one discussed the fundamentals of the technology: How does it work? With what purpose has it been introduced to the market? And much more. If you'd like to first learn about some of the basics of blockchain, make sure to watch that conversation before-hand.

In this second part, Bruno and Frank discuss blockchain's potential beyond crypto... way beyond crypto for that matter. The many use cases – those that already exist and those that are on the horizon – are highlighted by Bruno’s accolades for the role aXedras is playing in becoming a precious metals industry standard for provenance and transparency. Investors will appreciate the detailed explanation on how blockchain will help the precious metals industry, amongst many others. The subject matter of ESG and CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) also surprisingly comes into play. And the conversation is concluded with the discussion of opportunities and challenges to watch out for.

This conversation definitely underlines the fact that we live in extremely interesting times!

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