Balance. Freedom. Independence.

Values reflected in what we do, and who we are, since 1993

Our mission. Across seasons and generations, we stand up for the interests of our clients. We strive to be a trusted and reliable ally. We stay true to our ethos and Swiss heritage in delivering our services with professional passion, independence, and expertise. At the heart of everything we do is our dedication to protecting and growing the hard-earned wealth of our clients.

Our Ethos

How we succeed and grow as a firm.

Challenge & Support

In order to grow as a team, we pursue a healthy balance of the two.

Continuous Improvement & Learning

We always look for BETTER, FASTER and SMARTER to provide quality services and grow as a team and as a business.

A Winner's Mentality

We are dedicated to making a difference, disciplined and resilient. We thrive on healthy competition.

Independence & Freedom

We think, act and speak independently, seeking a path of our own. We cherish tough discussions with altering views.

Integrity & Kindness

We are honest, fair, dependable and caring. We strive for long-term relationships with good people.

Our mindset. It is reflected in our core values: Balance, Freedom and Independence - thus 'BFI'. We approach business in a balanced and calm manner. We are entrepreneurial problem solvers - freely drawing our own conclusions. We are privately owned and 100% independent, tied to no institution, able to provide services and solutions we truly believe in.

BFI’s Special Report: Deeper Into the New Era – Navigating the Shifts & Turning Points Ahead

June 23, 2023