Comprehensive Offering

Global wealth management services that go beyond the management of your investment strategy

We offer a comprehensive package of integrated services that combine the dimensions of international wealth planning, private banking, consolidated reporting, and investment management. Our aim is always to achieve a personally configured, and multi-jurisdictionally integrated solution that is optimally suited to your and your family’s situation.

What we offer

Wealth Planning

Solid structural wealth planning is a prerequisite for effective wealth preservation. We work with a network of leading international planners, accountants, and other professionals to support you in setting things up properly, as a solid foundation for your global wealth strategy.

  • Structural planning and services related to tax and estate planning, and wealth protection
  • Jurisdictional diversification, and cross-border planning
  • Access to trusted and high- quality professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.)
  • Legal & Compliance

Custody & Brokerage

How you custody your assets is as, if not more important, than which assets you invest in. Our network of banking partners allows us to help you select and onboard with banks and brokers that suit your specific needs and objectives. We provide red-carpet introductions to some of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss private banks. The biggest brand names are not necessarily the best and the safest...

  • Safe and sophisticated custody and brokerage services across currencies, asset classes, and time zones
  • Access to banking services suited to your needs and objectives
  • Continuous monitoring and qualificaiton of banking partners

Investment Management

We manage your investment portfolio on the basis of the tailored management mandate you entrust us with. We approach investing systematically, combining top-down research and bottom-up screening. Our investment methodology and process allows us to recognize trends, risks and opportunities early, and to adjust our allocations as needed.

  • Discretionary and non-disretionary investment strategy mandates, personally tailored to your needs and objectives
  • Integrated investment strategies across asset classes, sectors, and geographies
  • Access to and selection of managers, investments, and strategies

Asset Reporting

We shadow-book all the transactions, investments, and fees across the custodian banks you choose to work with, reconciling all information to monitor and ensure consistency and avoid errors. This also affords consolidated, 360-degree reporting, enabling comprehensive performance analysis and complete transparency. In your online portal you have ready access to all information.

  • Consolidated reporting across multiple accounts, reference currencies, and custodians
  • Strategy and performance monitoring and reviews
  • Dynamic and secure online access to statements and performance reports

BFI stands for Balance, Freedom and Independence. We approach business in a balanced and calm manner. We are entrepreneurial problem solvers, out-of-the-box-thinkers - freely drawing our own conclusions.