Our Clients

You are at the center of our attention - enjoy the tranquility of working with a trusted and skilled ally in Switzerland  

Wealth is more than the net-worth of your belongings. It is created with hard work, devotion, and talent - often over generations. Some may not understand what it took to get here. We do. Therefore, it is our mission to help protect and grow what is rightfully yours.

Individual Investors

Tailor  |  Invest

You are a successful entrepreneur, manager, investor with wealth that you wish to protect and grow more effectively by employing a solid custodial structure, and a personally tailored, internationally diversified investment strategy.

Wealthy Families

Preserve  |  Bequest

You have built a significant base of wealth for your family. You want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and preserve the achieved financial independence and security for the generation(s) to come.

Professional Advisors & Planners

Connect  |  Enhance

You are a professional advisor, an estate planner, an accountant, or an asset protection attorney interested in providing your clients with a more comprehensive and globally enhanced offering.

'Our clients and partners come from diverse backgrounds with diverse needs. Many of them are Americans looking for international solutions. All of them value the benefits of a committed, skilled, and globally connected partner in Switzerland. They cherish the tranquility of working with a sentinel that cares and understands.'

- Frank R. Suess, Founder & Executive Chairman