High Security Storage

Store your gold with us – fully allocated, insured and internationally deliverable anytime

Physically allocated – nothing less! Your holdings with us are 100% physically allocated, irrespective of the storage service you choose. Thus, your precious metals are at your full disposal at all times. You can have us deliver them to you conveniently, and without delay. Or, you can visit and pick them up personally.


Co-Mingled  |  Low Cost

Our collective storage service is the most cost-efficient and popular option. It's available in all storage locations. Your metals are physically stored in a high security vault, co-mingled with the holdings of other BFI Bullion clients. Only the highest quality bullion products from BFI's standard offering can be stored here. There is no minimum value for this storage option.


Identifiable  |  High-End

Our segregated storage service is offered in all storage locations, starting with a minimum value of CHF 250'000. Your specifically identifiable metals are held separate from the metals of our other clients. The serial numbers and other attributes of your bars are specified in your Storage Report. We may accept storage of non-standard product formats on a case-by-case basis.

Key Box

Personal  |  Exclusive

Our Key Box Storage is the most exclusive storage option we offer. It is available only in Switzerland, starting with a minimum value of CHF 250'000. You place your precious metals in a solid metal box, which is locked and sealed. Ony you have the keys. And, only you have access. You can keep any precious metal format in your personal box, including family collectibles or numismatic formats, without prior assaying. 

Storage locations. We offer storage in high-security, professional-market vaults in Switzerland, and other international locations of your choice. All storage locations come with full insurance coverage and regular auditing.

'Having gold is important. Keeping it in the right place is paramount.'

- Scott L. Schamber