AltAlpha Abacorum Fund

Curatedand diversified "All-Weather" portfolio of hedge funds

Given global macro and monetary developments, we no longer felt at ease investing larger amounts of our clients and own money in the fixed income market and needed an “All-Weather” alternative. The AltAlpha Abacorum Fund was developed as a multi-strategy approach, which has been battle tested for years, by investing in a curated selection of traditional finance hedge funds, uncorrelated to the market, with the aim to deliver strong single digit returns at low volatility levels. This strategy acts as a solid cornerstone investment in any portfolio.

Abacorum Fund In Brief

  • Buy-and-hold investment for long-term wealth preservation across varying market conditions
  • Diversified and curated portfolio of hedge funds, with low correlation to traditional capital markets
  • Risk-enhanced performance, i.e., conservative to moderate returns at low volatility
  • Professional management with systematic and disciplined selection and investment process
  • Risk mitigation, addressing the drawbacks and limitations of hedge funds actively and continuously
  • Minimized risk concentration due to adequate diversification and liquidity buffers
  • Access AND diversification, despite limitations like high minimums and exclusivity
  • Serve as a portfolio’s foundation, with consistent compounding – like bonds in the past...
  • Co-investing opportunity with our founders, team, and friends (i.e. “our skin in the game”)

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The Data Room contains various marketing materials, such as fact sheets, presentations as well as legal documentation required for investing into the fund.