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March 17, 2023

Looking at the world through an entrepreneurial lens

For this third Fireside Conversation, Frank is joined by Marc P. Bernegger. Marc is a well-known and very successful Swiss serial entrepreneur. He started his first small business at only 7 years old and went on to build a successful internet company in his late teens. Since then, he has built and sold various other companies. He truly looks at the world through an entrepreneurial lens – recognizing emerging markets and megatrends, searching out solid opportunities, continually learning, and staying convicted and courageous…some good timing doesn’t hurt either.

In this Conversation, Marc tells us about his early and present projects in different sectors, taking us from the early stages of the internet to his involvement today in digital assets and the AltAlpha Digital Fund… and on to the future of longevity. Marc’s perspective underlines that there are always opportunities to be found, if we just see them! A refreshingly optimistic take on the world and today’s times.

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