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February 2, 2023

Blockchain 101

In this latest Fireside Conversation, Frank R. Suess is joined by Mr. Bruno Ciscato to discuss blockchain technology and its potential beyond crypto.

Bruno, a board member of SBI R3 Japan, has managed to be at the epicenter of the technological revolution for the past 30 years. R3 is a technology firm that has created Corda, a permissioned distributed ledger technology, focussed on the financial sector.

In this first part of the Conversation, Frank and Bruno discuss the 101 of the blockchain technology: How and with what purpose has blockchain been introduced to the market? What is electronic cash? What is a distributed ledger? How does the consensus mechanism replace trusted intermediaries? What are the key differences between Corda and Bitcoin? What is tokenization? Is the blockchain technology to be blamed for incidents like FTX?

If you'd like to learn about specific use cases of blockchain beyond crypto: Stay tuned for part 2 of the Conversation!

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