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BFI Capital Group 

Global Wealth Management -
Built for a New Era of Investing

BFI Capital Group is a Swiss, privately owned organization active in a variety of ventures ranging from financial services to technology. Our focus is centered on a comprehensive array of services to protect and grow our client's wealth, continuously adapting our solutions to the manifold challenges and opportunities of changing landscapes and seasons. 


BFI Consulting

Wealth Strategies

BFI Consulting Inc. was founded in 1993. It is an advisory firm specialized in the needs of professional and institutional investors. We focus on bespoke investment  strategies and structures in the context of access-enhanced alternative investing and new era wealth preservation strategies.



Portfolio Management

BFI Infinity Inc., founded in 2011 as BFI Wealth Management (US Clients) Inc., today offers a comprehensive package of portfolio management and wealth planning services with a particular focus on the needs of North American clients who seek globally diversified investment strategies with an emphasis on  long-term wealth preservation.



Precious Metals

BFI Bullion Inc., founded in 2009, offers a high-end, personal-service, non-bank solution for the storage and trading of physically allocated, investment-grade bullion precious metals. We provide a variety of high-security storage options in Switzerland and other international jurisdictions.

BFI Capital Passstrasse

Deeper Into the New Era - Navigating the Shifts & Turning Points Ahead

Special Report, June 2023

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