We believe it starts with the person in the mirror.

Social responsibility is important to us. We believe making a difference is best achieved by taking responsibility in our daily lives, by letting action speak louder than words. We work hard at running our business with integrity, honesty, and a solid dose of humility. And, where possible, we engage directly in ventures of positive impact. 

Supporting well-run homes to give Asia's most vulnerable a chance on life.

Asian Pacific Children's Fund

Building software for product integrity and provenance in the precious metal industry.


We live in a complex world. There are problems to be solved. However, the most popular solutions may not be the right ones. While we can employ ESG tools in our investment process, we caution our clients to not expect too much from such a top-down, broad-brush approach.

'I believe social responsibility begins with a strong, competitive company. Only a healthy enterprise can improve and enrich the lives of people and their communities.'


- Jack Welch