Balance. Freedom. Independence.

Values reflected in
what we do, and who we are.

What we do. At BFI we provide a comprehensive array of wealth management services that address the critical needs for wealth protection, investment growth and access to the best possible solutions available internationally.

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Plan I Setup I Maintain

A solid defense is the basis for any successful offense. With that in mind, we like to consider structural wealth protection before thinking of asset allocation. Attentive to core wealth planning objectives such as legal asset protection, compliant tax efficiency, flexible and efficient inheritance, as well as jurisdictional and institutional safety, we help our clients plan, set up and maintain bespoke cross-border structures.

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Assess I Allocate I Perform

There is no wealth preservation without growth. And there is no profit without some level of risk. As wealth managers, our task is to define and implement the right mix. We assess each client's situation and risk profile, to then mindfully allocate assets across asset categories, sectors and geographic markets to achieve the most adequate and risk-adjusted performance. 

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Solve I Organize I Manage

Private and professional investors face a multitude of challenges, ranging from regulatory burdens to the growing difficulty of producing alpha. We offer an array of solutions and services that address and solve these issues. For instance, we organize and manage structures that afford enhanced access to alternative asset classes such as crypto, private equity or physical precious metals.

Who we are. 'BFI' stands for ‘Balance, Freedom & Independence’. We approach business in a balanced and calm manner. We are entrepreneurial problem solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers - freely drawing our own conclusions. We are independent, tied to no institution, able to offer the solutions we truly believe in.

Our Ethos

How we succeed and grow as a team.

Balance. Freedom. Independence. These values are deeply rooted in our Swiss heritage. Our forefathers fought for this and our national legends tell us about it. In appreciation of their sacrifices, we try to honour their legacy through our daily actions.