Business Continuity Management (BCM)

We are prepared to continuously provide our services - even during a blackout scenario

We continuously evolve our corporate BCM preparations. Should our usual lines of communication be impaired temporarily, we have alternative options available to ensure a seamless continuation of services. Find all necessary information on how to proceed in the unlikely event of an emergency below.


Until last year, our BCM concept had been focused on the contingency dimensions of personnel, infrastructure, and (increasingly) cyber security. Based on various energy policy decisions and developments worldwide, we have added the dimension of “blackout scenarios” to our BCM.

Problems in global electric grids are nothing new, however, this should always be covered as part of a BCM concept. While in the U.S. the problems are mostly due to aging electricity grid infrastructure, the problems in Europe have more to do with the transition to a more sustainable future in terms of power generation.

While we consider the probability of a blackout in Switzerland to be very low, that kind of scenario would potentially have implications across all BCM dimensions and can, without being properly prepared for, turn into a serious disruption that of course needs to be avoided. We have nonetheless prepared for this kind of scenario; we consider that the only prudent choice.


For you, there is nothing that needs to be done  for now. We are providing you with  this information for your comfort and as an update on our BCM readiness.

Without boring you with details, you should know that BFI would be able to retain its operability for several weeks in the event of a disruption caused by electricity shortages. Next to other preparations, we have secured electricity independence; we have acquired satellite internet and satellite telephone capabilities; and we have supplies and equipment for our emergency team’s wellbeing and safety.


In the  unlikely event  of a blackout scenario in  Switzerland, we will still be able to communicate with you. Clearly, the circumstances may not allow us to offer the ordinary level of access, service or responsiveness you are used to. However, we have set up an array of information and communication channels to ensure that you will be informed and able to contact us.

The following information and communications options will be employed and, depending on the circumstances, will provide you with updates and the possibility to communicate with us. E-Mail: E-Mail will be the preferred communication choice. We should be able to communicate via e-mail with you, even during a blackout. We will be sending you updates over e-mail.

In case you need to reach us, please use our general company e-mails ( / / / They will be monitored and serviced continually. Please do NOT use any other e-mail addresses during a crisis situation, if your message is urgent and / or important.

Virtual Meetings and Calls: We should be able to communicate via video conferencing tools (Teams or Zoom) with you.
Telephone: Our standard phone systems should continue to work and not be disrupted. If not, we will use our satellite phone capabilities, which allow us to contact you in case we need to.

Website: You should be able to find general updates on the Home Page of our websites.

Client Portal: You should  be able to find specific and regular updates on the dashboard of your personal client portal.

We can't emphasize enough that we consider the risk of a blackout scenario in Switzerland to be very low and highly unlikely. However, as  we've said all along,  it's better to be prepared than sorry.  Please do  feel  free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.