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September 29, 2015

Hold the Gold in Uncertain Times

Randolph Bourne, notable American journalist, writer and peace activist in the early 20th century, was a huge opponent of US interventionism in WWI. At a time when a lot of his articles were censored, he stated “I feel very much secluded from the world, very much out of touch with my times…the magazines I write for die violent deaths, and all my thoughts are unprintable”.

For the current Global Gold Outlook Report, which you will be able to link to here, focus centers around Bourne’s essay, “The State”. In showing how the state and war are inseparable, Bourne helps remind us how important our individual liberty is and why precious metals serve as a good counter-balance to the power the state and current monetary system have.

Furthermore, we will see if any of Global Gold’s previous assumptions on gold have changed. It is likely that in the coming months we will see high volatility in the financial markets and, in such a scenario, preference is to hold precious metals outside the banking system as the potential downside of leaving your money in the “system” can be devastating.

The Outlook concludes with a telling interview on the subjects of gold and oil with Mr. Thomas Bachheimer, President of the European chapter of the Gold Standard Institute, as well as a very interesting book summary on Austrian Investing.

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