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March 19, 2018

The New New Thing in Financial Innovation: ICOs and Tokenization

Technology investing: will the Initial Coin Offering/Tokenization space become an integral part of the ‘Internet of value’ or just another seedy corner of the global financial markets?

The fast-moving area of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is following close on the heels of the wild ride of the crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, and the increasing interest in the related decentralized ledger technologies best known as the Blockchain. Investors are faced with a still fluid reality it has all the inherent pitfalls of an untested idea mixed with naïve exuberance and fantastical narratives driven by real visionaries and outright fraudsters. Nonetheless, it is worth exploring further, as it’s clear that the current financial system can surely be improved upon.

Our friends at Librarium Associates Ltd - a boutique investment research company focused on delivering distinctive insights on global trends to help investors make informed decisions in an ever-changing world - have produced an overview of the developments in this interesting area.

In their “8 Pages About the ICO Wave Report”, they dig deep to assess the potential of this “new ‘new’ thing” in financial innovation. Drawing on the lessons of history they separate the reality from the hype, take a look at the regulatory & tax framework coming into place, assess the potential future disruption this so-called “internet of value” may provide to the established players and how investors can best seek to take advantage of these trends while avoiding becoming lost in the maze of the “crypt”.

It has been well said that in times of change, learners inherit the world. Go and get the full report here and educate yourself about this important subject. Please feel free to reach out to the Librarium team with any related questions:

Read more and educate yourself on the subject at the following link:

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