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March 18, 2018

The Next Financial Crash Will be Like an Avalanche

In an interview of January 18th, 2018, Robert Kiyosaki sums up his expectations for 2018. Mr. Kiyosaki expects gold, crypto-currencies and blockchain technology to be around for the long-term. He’s not so sure about the US dollar, and other government-backed fiat currencies. He says: “Everyone should ask themselves, what do you expect to still be here in 2040?”

This is a great interview, which we came across by coincidence. Everyone should know Kiyosaki’s first bestseller titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – if not, buy it.

Robert Kiyosaki’s views on the current markets and debt bubble as well as the issues with the global financial system are clear and to the point. And, frankly, we were surprised to what degree he sounds like us! And, as he states, he has “more gold than he could every spend in his lifetime”!

Check it out. Well worth your time.

Robert Kiyosaki's Video

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