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April 20, 2018

Valcambi Suisse – Profile & Update

Valcambi (, is one of the largest refiners in the world. Located in Balerna, in the canton of Ticino, the most southern part of Switzerland, Valcambi refines gold, silver, platinum and palladium in a variety of formats. Since we’ve arranged a special deal for our clients with Valcambi 1 oz minted bars, it’s worthwhile to tell you a bit more about the firm.

Valcambi has been in business for over 50 years. The company produces gold bars, gold grain shovels, minted round bars, coins and medals, and semi-finished products. Its services include transportation, reception, assaying, refining, manufacturing, financing, and storage. Founded in 1961 by a group of Swiss entrepreneurs from Mendrisio, the firm has enjoyed a unique success story since.

However, the normally quiet Swiss precious metals industry was shaken somewhat when in July of 2015, Valcambi SA was acquired by Indian group Rajesh Exports Ltd. (REL), the world’s largest jewelry manufacturer, through a special purpose vehicle called GGR, Global Gold Refineries, Switzerland.

At the time, question marks were raised as to how the Valcambi-Rajesh transaction would impact the gold supply out of Switzerland and elsewhere. Concerns also existed that the company might not live up to the Swiss quality standards of Valcambi’s past. A little over two years later, the concerns have subsided and Valcambi appears to more solid and well-positioned than ever.

The new Indian shareholder has become a rock-solid partner and it demand, closely coupled with the production of Valcambi, is a solid and welcome calculable dimension in Valcambi’s production.

In response to the name, GGR, or Global Gold Refineries – which is in no way related to our firm, however – but more so in appreciation of the exceptional quality of Valcambi’s products, and the Swiss standards they continue to uphold, we are proud to offer our clients a special deal on Valcambi bars.

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