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May 7, 2018

Investing in Gold: Fiat vs. Gold

Mankind has fumbled around since the beginning of time in search of the optimal vehicle to act as a true store of value, a widely accepted means of exchange, and a reliable unit of account. For much of that journey, the answer has been gold.

The wonders and inherent frailties of fiat currencies have induced fevered episodes to their adopters and prophets at regular intervals. Through much trial and error, we have come to where we find ourselves today: in essentially a dual reality, where the ease of ‘paper’ (and digital units) has captured the ‘means of exchange’ space, while sophisticated investors still measure and store their wealth in the sanctuary of gold.

Our friends at Librarium Associates Ltd - a boutique investment research company focused on delivering distinctive insights on global trends to help investors make informed decisions in an ever-changing world - have produced an overview of the developments in this area.

In their ‘8 Pages About…Fiat Vs. Gold’ they descend into the writings of mankind throughout the ages and source the true lessons of history, so that real insights can be distilled on the pros and cons of both of these vehicles. With this guidance, investors can consider their own perspectives on what constitutes ‘wealth’, how to measure it, and how to keep it safe once it has been earned.

They take practical advice from our own Scott Schamber on the benefits of title-held ownership of precious metals stored in Switzerland. It is a great overview of history’s lessons combined with practical insights for investors today.

It has been well said that in times of change learners inherit the world. Go and get the full report here and educate yourself about this important subject. Please feel free to reach out to us or the Librarium team with any related questions:

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