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May 7, 2018

Y? Series – Why invest in Gold? The logical and straight-forward case for gold…

Owning gold in this era of unprecedented fiscal and monetary tinkering is a good choice.

Felix Zulauf, our friend and strategic advisor to BFI, said it best:

“Governments and central banks have no clue how to tackle the economic problems and get our economies back on its former growth track accompanied by rising prosperity for the public. Authorities have entered excessive monetary experiments making the situation worse.”

“The experiments and attempts to devalue currencies are historically unique. If our economies do not improve and rather weaken further over time, we must expect monetary authorities to intervene even more decisively whereby underwriting fiscal programs will be part of it. Whichever way you look at it, the risk is high that the intrinsic value of paper money will decline in the long-term. Gold can protect against such risks, although its market price will hardly be a one-way street.”

Gold will continue to maintain its value. It cannot be created “out of thin air”. And, it will continue to rise in value for many years to come, particularly if one of the following occurs:

  • The level of public and private debt continues to grow
  • The next financial markets crisis arrives
  • The rate of inflation rises
  • The rate of interest rises
  • The banking system fails, e.g. European banking crisis
  • The rate of foreclosures increases

Taking it a step further, remember: If you don’t own and safe-keep your precious metals in the proper way, you might as well not own any precious metals at all.

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