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June 5, 2018

Silver price at all-time low

Last week, as part of our Y-Series, we discussed the question ,“Why buy silver?” and listed 8 reasons why silver is currently particularly attractive. In response, one of our clients and subscribers sent us an excellent graph, demonstrating yet another reason: Silver price is at an all-time low.

Thank you for sending this over; it is insightful indeed!

John Williams of ,, published the following graph depicting inflation-adjusted silver prices since 1970. In essence, John’s price calculation applies the CPI formula used in the US in 1980.

Inflation-Adjusted Silver Price, based on 1980 CPI Formula (USD, June 2017)

Source: ,,

The picture above is highly illustrative: Measured in 1980 dollars, i.e. adjusted for inflation according to the 1980 standard, silver is now selling below its 1970 price!

Savvy investors will immediately recognize the opportunity: not only is silver historically “undervalued”, it also promises significant upside potential. Add all the other reasons discussed in ,last week’s blog post on why to buy silver, and a strong case for buying silver NOW becomes apparent.

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