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January 25, 2019

10 Reasons Why Silver Will Outshine Gold In 2019

Since the beginning of time, silver has fascinated people around the world. For thousands of years, the metal has held a prominent place in religious worship, it has served as a tireless tool of trade, and as a shiny sign of wealth. Silver’s unique and very special properties have made it stand out from its peers.

Silver has a six-thousand-year history of use as money, longer than gold, stretching all the way from ancient Mesopotamia to the US Constitution.

In ancient times, silver was thought of as a godlike metal and was associated with magic. It was often used in ancient religious ceremonies, while silver objects are still prevalent in Christian worship.

Today, apart from the production of silver coins, medals and jewelry, the metal also has a great variety of technical and industrial uses. From the automotive and the tech industry, to photography and solar panel manufacturing, silver is indispensable to a vast array of production processes. It even has medicinal applications, due its antimicrobial properties.

The metal is increasingly sought after, especially as demand is boosted from rapidly growing sectors, such as tech and green energy. However, silver's own production profile means that supply is bound to struggle to keep up. The lack of primary mines, lower ore grades and mill output all support the case for much higher silver prices.

Read more about the 10 reasons why ,Robert Kientz of Gold Silver Pros expects silver's luster to be even brighter than gold in 2019.

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