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June 25, 2019

With Gold Price Magic, Here's What Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki is Doing

With rising uncertainty in the world surrounding bubbling stock markets, trade wars, and geopolitical tensions, it makes sense for many investors to be rushing to gold, said best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki.

While we’ve been watching the gold price skyrocket in this short time, we found this great interview conducted by Kitco with Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the international personal finance series of books, Rich Dad Poor Dad. In this interview, Mr. Kiyosaki provides his opinions on what is currently driving the gold prices; we certainly shouldn’t be surprised by anything we are seeing now.

He also has some scathing remarks regarding the Fed and their role in the problems we have now.

But arguably the most interesting part of his interview is the comments he makes about holding gold and where you should (or in this case, shouldn’t) keep it.

He tells Kitco News that he prefers to store his gold outside banks. “I don’t store [gold and silver] in the banks. I’m completely outside the banking system, except I do go to the banking system to borrow money. I don’t save money inside the banking system, so my recommendation, much like my friend Jim Rickards’, is we say you’ve got to be able to operate outside the banking system, in case something, heaven forbid, happens, like a black swan goofy event and they shut the banks down,” Kiyosaki said.

We couldn’t agree with him more, as this is one of the main reasons Global Gold was set up for over 10 years ago.

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