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February 1, 2021

aXedras on the Move

This is an update on the aXedras Group, a tech startup that was launched by Frank Suess and a number of business partners, and the latest addition to our Group’s business. The company is progressing rapidly and successfully. Some of our readers have expressed a general interest in blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology) and specifically the aXedras business. So here is a brief overview and some links with the latest news and a case study by our tech partner, R3.

During 2020, the special circumstances due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on established business processes highlighted the importance of digitalized (B2B) processes on a global level. Thanks to key advances in information technology, such as DLT/blockchain, new digital platform solutions offer material efficiency gains and truly effective ways to overcome the current challenges.

The aXedras product development pipeline is full, and we are grateful to have skilled partners who actively support our journey to develop our digital bullion integrity platform for the precious metal industry. Among other things, we’ll be working on the following topics in 2021:

  • Digital certificates for refined products including provenance documentation
  • Distributed product database with a focus on integrity
  • Innovative financing methods and tools

We updated our homepage to provide you a current overview of our products and services. Please, have a look at , and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Also, blockchain provider R3, one of the global leaders in this field, has written a case study about aXedras. You can find it here: ,

,>> Read more here.

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