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August 5, 2019

BFI InSights, July 2019 - Beware of a Sharp Reversal in Expectations

The July 2019 BFI Infinity InSights investment update has just been published. It makes for great reading and gives us some solid insights on what lies ahead economically and in financial markets. More importantly, the report provides hands-on advice on how to structure and protect our investment portfolio as we head into very “muddy waters”.

Following up on the last update, published in April, the report takes a close look at the world’s central banks and how their policies will affect markets going forward. Moreover, as you might remember, the team at BFI Infinity made a compelling case for precious metals mining stocks in April. With the recent move of gold above USD 1,400 it finally looks like a new uptrend might begin there.

Finally, the report urges investors to consider international diversification, as does CEO Daniel Zurbrügg in this short video (click on picture above).

>> Download the full report here.

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