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Scott Schamber
February 9, 2021

Bitcoin & Crypto Interview: “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come”

2020 was a great year for precious metals, but it was also an exciting time for Bitcoin and for the crypto space in general. We saw remarkable price gains and a surge in insti­tutional interest, reflecting the renewed enthusiasm and overwhelming optimism about the prospects of cryptocurrencies and of Bitcoin in particular.

To help us understand these drivers and to really appreciate the full potential of Bitcoin and the crypto sector at large, as well as to get to the bottom of questions we often hear from clients, we turned to Jeff Nabers, a long-time friend and close partner of Global Gold, and the BFI Capital Group in general. On top of the numerous success­ful companies he’s founded, Jeff has extensive and direct experience in the crypto space, combined with a deep understanding of economics, monetary his­tory, and financial markets, a combination that makes his insights particularly valuable, especially for the more conservative, “tradi­tional” investor.

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