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July 24, 2020

COVID-19 Collateral Damages Outweigh the Pandemic's Health Impact

Forbes reported that more than 600 of the America’s physicians sent a ,letter to President Trump calling the coronavirus shutdowns a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing negative health consequences” to millions of non-COVID patients. The collateral damage of the COVID-19 lockdowns, along with the fear that is spread and sustained by continuous media coverage, are having a devastating impact that is dangerously underestimated.

The letter highlights the fact that patients with illnesses unrelated to the Coronavirus are dying from missed or delayed treatments. From missed cancer diagnoses to untreated heart attacks, and strokes to increased risks of suicides, “We are alarmed at what appears to be a lack of consideration for the future health of our patients.”

Patients fearful of visiting hospitals and doctors’ offices are dying because COVID-phobia is keeping them from seeking care. There are examples of patients dying at home of heart attacks rather than going to an emergency room. The number of severe heart attacks being treated in nine U.S hospitals surveyed dropped by nearly 40% since March. Cardiologists are worried “a second wave of deaths” indirectly caused by the virus is likely.

Let's be aware of the impact we have, in all ways, and not just those ways we wish. ~ Donald T. Iannone

Of course, there are many other forms of collateral damage. Putting off childhood vaccines is yet another. Experts fear that preventable deaths from illnesses such as cholera could far exceed those from Covid-19 itself; while we are all worrying about the coronavirus, most fatalities could be collateral damage.

The unintended consequences of these policies are only now becoming apparent and there are many good reasons to fear that they may have done more harm than good. While we are so focused in our western societies on “saving each and every single life, at any cost”, we must face the fact that, sometimes, the cost of saving that one life today can be many others that will be lost down the line.

The question now is, how will we deal with the next season of influenza and next wave of Coronaviruses, most likely of which are but a few months away? They will arrive with certainty and will force us to have to ask some very tough questions - ethical, social, and economic. Currently, all hope is pinned on a vaccination for all. But, is that really going to be the panacea many are hoping for?

,>> Read the full letter here.

Why we cannot shut down the economy again!Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard a growing number of left-leaning politicians and institutional figures argue that shutting down the economy once again is the only way to address the spike in COVID-19 cases. In a short video posted on July 17th, Congressman Dan Crenshaw clearly and concisely explains why this obstinate and myopic approach is truly dangerous, as it ignores the severe harm of the lockdowns to public health, education, and people’s livelihoods.

>> View Video here.

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