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March 3, 2020

Expect the Best, Prepare For the Worst

BFI Infinity recently published its latest issue of the InSights newsletter, published on a quarterly basis. In it, Daniel Zurbrügg contributed an excellent piece regarding the outlook of BFI Infinity, in view of the coronavirus threat and other critical factors affecting financial markets. Below you will find a condensed video version of his analysis.

BFI Insights

The aforementioned written article was published in the most recent Insights, BFI Infinity’s quarterly newsletter. To read the entire InSights Newsletter, ,download the PDF here.

Key points covered:

  • The exceptional markets of 2019
  • 2020 will be different!
  • No reason to panic, but certainly enough reason for prudence and downside protection in your portfolios.
  • The slowing global economy – despite some U.S. economic positives, the global economy is in retreat.
  • The coronavirus – it can very well have a real economic impact.
  • The US dollar pausing its general long-term decline.
  • How BFI is managing assets during this turbulence and uncertainty.​
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