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November 20, 2020

How to Avoid Chaos & Make Elections Work

With the 2020 US presidential election still being contested by President Trump and his legal team, it makes a lot of sense to look at the possible shortfalls of the process itself. Everyone, even on the Democrat side, should be interested in efficient and trustworthy voting rules and procedures. Democracy does not function without trust.

Whether there have been significant and relevant irregularities is unclear at this point, even though mainstream media seems very comfortable dismissing any such allegations as idiotic and baseless. We are not willing to be so quick to judge. Instead, we like the fact that the judicial process is underway and will, hopefully, soon produce some final clarity and guidance.

The fact that almost all media channels, in America and globally, seem so very willing to prematurely denounce all of President Trump’s efforts to unveil possible issues and irregularities, is merely more proof of the unbelievably skewed and partisan news landscape we face today.

Since its inception, the democratic system of America largely relied on limited government, on the separation of powers and on reliable checks and balances. There is an important fourth element that is essential for any democracy to work: voters need to be properly and accurately informed about the issues of the day and about the candidates that ask for their support. This kind of essential and ideologically neutral information, meant to be gathered and verified by journalists and shared with the public without political bias, is basically extinct today.Most journalists no longer respect this public service element and the responsibility that comes with the job, and are instead political operatives, bending and twisting the truth until it fits into whatever narrative best serves “the right side”. And with journalism dead, it is all the more important that Americans put emphasis on retaining due process, checks and balances and the trust in institutions.

Once trust is lost, it will be very difficult for a United States of America to exist in its former meaning and spirit.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw, in his recent podcast, is working toward countering that trend. He, together with his guest Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation's Election Law Reform Initiative, raises questions and offers suggestions on how the voting process can be improved. This episode originally aired on June 1, 2020, but the conversation could not be more relevant today, as it examines how the radical Democrat reforms, like universal mail-in voting, threaten the integrity of US elections.

,>> Listen to Podcast here.

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