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November 19, 2019

Interview with Frank Suess

In an interview with Frank Suess, Jeff Nabers of the Nabers Group asked Frank to comment in a simple and understandable way on a number of questions and topics. The result was fun and interesting to watch, even for us at Global Gold who work with Frank regularly and closely. We hope you enjoy it too.

In the sequence of videos referenced below, Frank discusses the following topics:

BFI Capital Group – Our Mission

Our mission statement, in brief, is expressed by our slogan “Protecting and growing what is rightfully yours.” For US clients interested in setting up and maintaining an offshore nest-egg, BFI is a good place to start looking, and very possibly the only place you’ll have to look.

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Facing a Difficult Economic Landscape

Frank explains why he considers the current economic landscape challenging and why proper risk management and wealth protection are more important now than ever.

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Why Should Investors Hold Gold, and How Should They Hold It…

After decades of central bankers growing the global monetary base – paper money – at an accelerating rate, holding physically allocated gold in a safe jurisdiction and high-security vault is an important element of a proper global wealth management plan.

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What’s Special About Switzerland?

Why is Switzerland the number one global jurisdiction for the safekeeping and management of cross-border wealth? Frank explains in a few simple words, how the country’s direct democracy and the long-standing mechanisms that keep the government’s powers in check create a very special eco-system that has flourished against all odds.

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Has Switzerland Lost its Allure?

After forcefully piercing through Swiss banking secrecy, has the US been able to take Switzerland out of the game? Frank says no. To the contrary, Switzerland has retained its attraction as a place to keep your wealth. Also, contrary to literally all other wealthy Western economies, Switzerland has a debt that is not continuously growing. As of today, it stands at 29% debt-to-GDP.

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American Investors - What Planning Options are Available?

American investors, more than any other nationality, have to be aware of the litigation risks and carefully examine their tax planning options.

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Key Considerations for Building a Global Wealth Plan

In this video, Frank touches on a few key considerations for American investors as they build their global wealth plan.

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In a similar vein, as he referenced in the previous video, Frank outlined the Ten Cornerstones of International Wealth Management back in a video he did in 2015. Although a few years old, we recommend you watch this video, as the concepts discussed are all still very relevant today.

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Meet Frank Suess

Frank shares a few insights on his personal background, his family, hobbies and the background of BFI Capital Group as an international wealth management group. The company has been in business for over 25 years. Frank has been personally heading and diversifying the group for over 20 of those years, starting back in 1998.

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