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August 9, 2021

Investing in the Post-covid Era: Interview with Frank R. Suess

As the Delta variant surges, volatility returns to the markets and inflation expectations are on the rise, hopes for a roaring global economic recovery already appear dampened. Navigating the choppy waters that lie ahead can be challenging for many investors. However, keeping an eye on the bigger picture and understanding the most important risks is key in order to develop a sound strategy and a resilient financial plan.

This is why, in the latest issue of ,Global Gold’s Quarterly Digger, we interviewed Frank R. Suess, our BFI Capital Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, to discuss these broader trends and themes and to get his take on what investors can expect for the rest 2021 and beyond. We talked about the biggest threats to the global economy, such as the gigantic government debt burden and the adoption of increasingly reckless and dangerous fiscal and monetary policies, while Frank also shared his views and insights regarding the core risks faced by individual investors and savers.

As part of the interview, Frank also shares some big news: Global Gold, the precious metals arm of the BFI Capital Group, will be changing its name in the 2nd half of 2021. Read the interview to find out what the new name will be, and why the change is happening.

Further in the Digger, we also focus on the return of inflation: We examine the investment implications of the recent uptick in consumer prices, and we also take a closer look at the latest official figures, at the wider trend they are pointing to, but also at some of the most interesting and impactful manifestations of the rising inflationary pressures.

Finally, have a look inside Global Gold’s major annual audit of all metals being stored for their clients, and we contemplate what impact the Basel III agreement may have gold prices as we move forward.

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