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November 3, 2021

Just for Fun…Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts

We don’t know how many Swiss you know (other than us here at the BFI Capital Group’s Blog team, of course), but we’ve heard that the Swiss have a reputation for being rather humorless – a stereotype that we would say is quite unfounded. Whatever you think of us Swiss, we do enjoy a good laugh. And once again, we have to thank one of our founder’s, Frank Suess, Sr., for bringing this funny video back to our attention.

This is real, disgusting Switzerland, a neutral country full of noncombative, chocolate-eating yodelers. And they’re also full of….guns. ~ Michael Kosta, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The following video, Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts, where reporter Michael Kosta from The Daily Show visits an annual shooting festival in Switzerland, has been around a couple of years already, and seems to cross someone’s desk here on the Blog team every few months or so.

It’s a good piece of political satire which dives into how Switzerland can love guns so much, yet still have such a low rate of gun-related crimes. It raises a hearty Swiss chuckle every time we see it, so we hope you enjoy it too. No, seriously…

The Daily Show is an American late-night talk and satirical news television program. It airs on Comedy Central in the US, and describes itself as a fake news program, drawing their comedy and satire from recent news stories, political figures, media organizations, and often uses self-referential humor as well.

>> Check out the video here.

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