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Frank Suess
October 19, 2020

On the Brink of a New Era - Join Us for a Series of Fireside Chats

Our latest Special Report, “On the Brink of a New Era – Are You Prepared?” was published recently and we have clearly already hit a nerve. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and a large number of great questions. While my colleagues and I initially attempted to respond to each question directly, we decided it was better to capitulate, to a degree. Instead of answering one-by-one, we’re going to hold a series of online, Fireside-style conversations and dig in a little deeper on a number of topics in the Report.

You are cordially invited to watch and listen in on a series of four online panel discussions, or “Fireside Chats”, during which members of the BFI Management Team, as well as a few select, very Special Guests, will be taking part. The discussions will cover the various topics, or chapters, of our Special Report.

  1. A Difficult and Uncertain Recovery
  2. Facing the Consequences of Excessive Debt
  3. Special Risk Patterns Faced by Americans, and Available Offshore Wealth Protection Measures to Manage Those Risks.
  4. New Era Implications for Investments and Asset Allocation

As our special guests, we are honored to have with us Felix Zulauf, Sune Sorenson, Benjamin Lodmell and Anastassios Frangulidis. From BFI’s side, we will have Bernarda Pesantez, Dirk Steinhoff, Daniel Zurbrügg and Scott Schamber, taking part in the series on a rotating basis, depending on the topics. And I will have the privilege of moderating these discussions.

Sune Sorensen Felix Zulauf Ben Lodmell Anastassios Frangulidis

The imbalances in our global economy and the global financial markets are growing and growing rapidly. The more monetary and fiscal stimulus packages contrived, the bigger the imbalances will get. Manifold questions and concerns erupt in consideration of the current developments: What are the implications? How will this all play out? And how do we, as individuals and investors, prepare properly for the risks that each potential scenario may present?

,I can scarcely contemplate a greater calamity that could befall this country, than be loaded with a debt exceeding their ability ever to discharge. If this be a just remark, it is unwise and improvident to vest in the general government a power to borrow at discretion, without any limitation or restriction. ~ Brutus

The first of our Fireside Conversations will take place on October 27th, at 17.00 CET. You can register by clicking on the link below. If you can’t join at that time, you will also be given the option to sign up for the recorded webinar.

I look forward to “seeing” you around the fire!

>> Get more details and register here!

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