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November 28, 2021

Robert Kiyosaki: The US Stock Market is Headed for a Crash – The 3 Assets He Likes as Protection

While it has been relatively easy as of late to find opinions and predictions on an inevitable correction in markets – there’s been a word or two about inflation being a problem too – Robert Kiyosaki took it up a notch when he tweeted earlier in November: “Prepare: Giant crash then new depression.” He went on then to offer his three assets for the best protection: Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver.

I’m sure you’ve been reading many of the same headlines lately:

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These are only but a few of the articles we’ve been reading from financial advisors, bank CEOs, basketball team owners, and the ultra-rich on inflation and crash worries. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad bestseller, threw his hat into the mix after not only warning people to prepare for a market crash and a new depression, but also repeating what he – and others – feel are the “smart” investments to buy right now.

He likes, or loves, Bitcoin, as he tweeted, “because I do not trust the Fed, Treasury, or Wall Street”. Gold is still a great hedge and has served as a life preserver during many a crisis. And silver, because it’s the “best, lowest risk high potential investment” …and it’s more than just a hedge.

Rich Dad TV/Youtube

While we at BFI Bullion agree with Mr. Kiyosaki, especially on the gold and silver recommendations, we think it’s quite prudent to consider taking one extra step in these types of investments if you really want to bump up your level of protection: do so by purchasing, and storing, internationally and outside of your home country. While it may be easy to invest, especially in gold and silver, and keep your savings in your sock drawer, times like these require thinking outside the box and diversifying your risk internationally.

“Protection” can be investing in Bitcoin, gold, and silver, but “Step-up Protection” is all about where you do it…and how.

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