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September 27, 2023

The Asian Pacific Children's Fund: 'There's no gratification better than giving these kids a life'

After decades in the financial and geopolitical world, Don McAlvany and his wife, Molly, founded the Asian Pacific Children's Fund (APCF) to support well-run children's homes in Asia. In this Conversation, Don shares why they got involved, how this fund works, and what their vision for the future is.

Travelling though Asia almost twenty years ago, Don and Molly realised the shocking numbers of children living in horrendous circumstances and how great the need for good, safe children's homes was - and still is. As Don describes it, he 'must have had a heart transplant', because suddenly, the world of business was not as gratifying any more.

After decades as a successful entrepreneur, financial and geopolitical advisor, and author of two best-selling books, his wife Molly, and Don, decided to advocate for these children. They founded the Asian Pacific Children's Fund in 2006 and have been living in the Philippines ever since.

What is unique about their approach is that they do not found new homes themselves; they instead look for existing, trustworthy, and well-managed local homes that need - often desperately - financial support. All funds go directly to the children. As of now, APCF supports 8 homes in the Philippines, India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

In this Conversation, Don explains the criteria they use to select the homes, where the difficulties they are facing in India, Nepal, and Myanmar come from, and how the kids keep them young.

Don and Molly are close, life-long friends of Frank Suess, who has been supporting APCF for a long time. Frank acts as a member of their board. If you'd like to learn more about APCF, visit their website at ⁠⁠.

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