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Frank Suess
December 23, 2021

The Emerging World of Digital Assets –Why and How to Participate

As we head toward the end of the year and into the next at lightning speed, one area that is evolving and maturing at similar speed is the world of crypto investing. After receiving an increasing number of questions and growing interest from our clients and business partners, we have taken the time to prepare a Special Report on the topic – just in time for Christmas.

Over the past 24 months, Bitcoin and some of the actively- managed crypto strategies have been among the best performing investments. This report is aimed at investors, large or small, who are interested in this space and would like to learn more about the relevant risks and opportunities in this rapidly expanding new market.

In my view, digital assets, as well as the related technologies and services, are here to stay. Partly accelerated by the pandemic, the digitalization of finance has gone past the tipping point in 2021.

Even for the most aloof of big bank managers, client demand and the size of the market have become too large to simply brush aside. Bitcoin, Ether, and all their siblings, from stablecoins, to altcoins, and non-fungible tokens, have taken hold of the Zeitgeist.

Going forward, digital assets can be expected to evolve from being just a new asset class to representing a new and powerful way of investing altogether.

“If you want to participate in this market, everything is ready, whether you are an expert or not. The standard, retail-type apps and exchanges are still somewhat clumsy and at times even unreliable. However, in the institutional realm, the Swiss infrastructure, standards, and procedures are ready for use – they are operational. And the large players are taking note and moving in rapidly. For investors wanting to take part in this, it is best to call one of the Swiss hybrid banks or advisors to get started.” ~ Marc Seidel, Partner Alternative Investments, BFI Consulting

This report is geared to investors who are new to crypto and want to better understand the world of digital assets. It is written to be easily understood and accessible. However, even more sophisticated crypto aficionados may enjoy the structured overview and practical guidance.

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