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August 6, 2019

The Most Innovative Country in the World

Each year, the Global Innovation Index ranks economies across the globe on innovation performance. In the latest ranking, Switzerland is once again in the top spot.

In fact, Switzerland has been ranked no. 1 for the past nine years in a row by the ,World Intellectual Property Organization's ("WIPO") annual Global Innovation Index.

The index measures the innovation performance of 129 countries using dozens of indicators, like the political environment, education, infrastructure, and business sophistication.

The most innovative economies

In this year's Global Innovation Index, these countries occupy the top spots:

1. Switzerland

2. Sweden

3. United States

4. Netherlands

5. United Kingdom

The most innovative economies belong to high-income countries that exceed the expectations of their level of development. Switzerland is a world leader in several key innovation indicators tracked by the WIPO, such as patent applications, knowledge-intensive employment, collaborative research between industry and universities, and environmental performance. One area in which Switzerland could improve is the ease of starting a business.

Key Findings

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