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May 15, 2020

"The Pandemic is Going to Worsen The Conflict Between The West and China"

In an interesting interview with NZZ (Neue Zuercher Zeitung), Louis Gave, CEO of Gavekal Research, expressed his distrust regarding the recent recovery of stock markets. The economic damage caused by the pandemic is too great, he says. He is betting on gold, Asia, and individual technology stocks. In that regard, he shares some of the views we have at BFI as well.

Louis Gave chooses tough words for Western governments and central banks. They have underestimated the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic to the economy for far too long, and now they are trying by all means to prop up asset prices.

In an in-depth conversation, the founding partner of Gavekal Research explains why he believes the current recovery of equity markets is not sustainable. He also talks about the long-term consequences of this crisis and explains why he is buying gold, assets in Asia, technology stocks such as Amazon – and copper.

>> Read the full interview here.

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