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May 26, 2023

The World Gold Council's Vision for the Gold Industry

In this second part of the Fireside Conversation between Frank R. Suess and the CEO of the World Gold Council, David Tait, they discuss the future of the gold industry.

David explains where he sees today's biggest challenges in the sector and how he plans to address them. Contrary to the popular opinion amongst NGOs, he does not believe in an exclusionary, top-down approach, but in creating a decentralized, standardized, fully transparent and therefore self-cleansing ecosystem with low barriers of entry.

David also shares a story rarely told: Where the gold industry already has a positive impact, especially in developing countries, and how he wants to preserve that.

In this Conversation it becomes very clear that, leading the World Gold Council, David has a precise vision for the global gold industry and is on a determined mission to implement it.

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