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Global Gold
February 21, 2020

Y? Series - Why is Gold and Silver So Rare...and Valuable?

This question goes to the heart of why precious metals are considered so valuable and fundamentally different from paper money.

The central bankers’ currencies are created at will, out of thin air, and, arguably, without limitation. By contrast, all the gold ever mined would fill about three Olympic-sized pools. That’s it. Man has never been able to create gold or silver, even though many an alchemist has tried. Do you know why?

The answer to this very simple question may surprise some of you: Did you know that gold forms out of a supernova – the explosion of a star that has reached the end of its life - and the exact conditions essential for its formation lasts less than a minute, once in a century, per galaxy?

In this 6-minute video, Brian Cox beautifully explains the origins of gold, silver and other high-density metals. If the short explanation does not already fascinate you, this video should – at least, if you are even slightly open to be amazed by the wonders of this unbelievable universe that we live in.

,>> View video here.

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