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Fireside Conversations - Series of Spring 2022

The Emerging World of Digital Assets - Why and How to Participate



Scott Schamber

Conversation XI - May 25th, 5PM CET

Potpourri of Participant Questions - How to invest in the New Era

This Fireside Conversation will be based on the questions we collect during the prior three sessions. We'll decipher the topics and questions that generated the most interest. This could go into overtime... 

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Daniel Zurbrügg, Marc Seidel

PW: BFIFiresideconversation11!

Bruno Ciscato.jpg

Conversation X - May 11th, 5PM CET

aXedras - Blockchain Beyond Crypto

Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies and digital asset investing.  Adequately applied, blockchain can serve other aspects of business and create considerable opportunities of corporate and  industrial reengineering. In 2018,  together with  a few business partners, Frank Suess launched the next BFI company: aXedras. This technology firm has built a DLT-based supply chain management solution for the global precious metals industry, and it is well underway to becoming the global standard. Understanding what aXedras offers will clarify what other opportunities blockchain technology may offer in all kinds of industries and businesses.  

Special Guest:

Bruno Ciscato

BFI Panelists:

Urs Röösli, Scott Schamber, Frank Suess

PW: BFIFiresideconversation10!


Conversation IX - April 27th, 5PM CET

AltAlpha Digital - Active and Diversified Investing in Leading Crypto Talent

As discussed in our most recent Special Report on why and how to invest in Digital Assets, the digital transformation of business and financial markets is picking up momentum. In this FSC, we will discuss various aspects of the report and then touch specifically on our AltAlpha Digital strategy, which we have created so that our friends, family, and clients can participate in the sphere of crypto and digital assets in a safer and more convenient manner. 


Scott Schamber

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Dirk Steinhoff, Marc Seidel

PW: BFIFiresideconversation9!



Scott Schamber

Conversation VIII - April 13th, 5PM CET

High Time for Alternatives - from Precious Metals to Crypto

In our New Era Special Report of 2021, we wrote about the specter of rising inflation, rising interest rates,  and the problems this would create for debt-ridden countries around the world.  We are now in the midst of the transition into that new era, with all of its aspects - economic, financial, social, political, and technological. This talk is a review and discussion of how at BFI we are dealing with the issues, the risks, and the opportunities. 

BFI Panelists:

Daniel Zurbrügg, Sune Sorensen, Frank Suess

PW: BFIFiresideconversation8!

Fireside Conversations - Series of Spring 2021

On the Brink of a New Era - Are You Prepared?

JM 2.png

Conversation VII - May 20th

Getting out of Dodge - options and practical considerations of Plan B strategies for Americans 

Big Brother is back and getting more intrusive by the minute. Hopefully, individual rights and rule of law, founded in the solidity of the US Constitution, will survive and thrive. However, properly considering and mitigating the possible risks of an alternative outcome is a prudent exercise. What are your options? What legal structures might be employed for jurisdictional diversification? How do I obtain a second passport? Should I consider establishing a foreign residency? What countries are most suitable and attractive? Etc.

Special Guest:

James Duggan

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Bernarda Pesantez

Password: BFIFiresideconversation7!

Sune Sorensen.jpg

Conversation VI - May 6th

Time for 'real' and 'digital' assets - investment opportunities beyond traditional asset classes

We are entering a new era of investing. Asset allocation principles need to be questioned. Conventional asset classes may not afford the levels of safety and profits as in the past. Are bonds still a safe investment? What is the upside potential in traditional financial markets? And what alternatives need to be considered? How can you invest in these alternatives? What are the differences, and the similarities, between Bitcoin and Gold?

Special Guest:

Sune Sorensen

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Dirk Steinhoff

Password: BFIFiresideconversation6!

Marc Bernegger.jfif

Special Guest:

Marc Bernegger

Conversation V - April 22nd

The future is sooner than you think - investment themes for the 'New Era'

We are currently in the midst of a powerful confluence of technologies and innovations that are about to change the way we live and work. Understanding the economic, social and ethical challenges and opportunities these changes pose is difficult. As investors, we also want early insight as to which trends to invest in. What are the top investment themes of the new era?

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Dirk Steinhoff

Password: BFIFiresideconversation5!

Fireside Conversations - Series of Fall 2020

The Special Report Series


Conversation IV - December 8th

New Era Implications for Investments and Asset Allocation

The outlook for 2021, economically and politically, is admittedly somewhat dire, but this does not mean that investors should despair. What were we expecting next? And what were BFI’s recommendations for investments moving forward? We discussed in depth what our approach had been in 2020. We also discussed the key elements of our investment process and why it’s important to be disciplined and systematic, particularly in this context.

Special Guest:

Anastassios Frangulidis

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Dirk Steinhoff, Daniel Zurbruegg

Password: Firesidechat4!

Benjamin Lodmell.jpg

Conversation III - November 24th

Special Risk Patterns Faced by Americans, and Available Offshore Wealth Protection Measures to Manage Those Risks.

Americans with substantial wealth are subject to a set of very unique threats and circumstances that require equally unique risk management measures. We work with American clients daily and in consulting with them, we are very familiar with their particular concerns. These worries may have been around for some time, but what is new now is the widely felt sense that these threats are imminent and quickly closing in. Let’s have a brief look at some of them.

Special Guest:

Ben Lodmell

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Daniel Zurbruegg,

Bernarda Pesantez

Password: Firesidechat3!

Sune Sorensen.jpg

Conversation II - November 10th

Facing the Consequences of Excessive Debt 

Today, the consensus belief is that debt of advanced economies does not matter... However, history tells us, again and again, that continually piling up more debt, under the well-intentioned hope of fixing economic and social problems, always backfires. We will review the means by which governments could theoretically reduce debt, and more importantly, the most probable measures they will employ: Financial Repression and Inflation.

Special Guest:

Sune Sorensen

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Daniel Zurbruegg, Dirk Steinhoff

Password: Firesidechat2!


Conversation I - October 27th

A Difficult and Uncertain Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the global economy into a deep recession. The question is now, how quickly will the economy recover? The financial markets recovered quickly and regained pre-COVID levels rapidly. However, they appear to have disconnected from the economy. Generally, when that happens, the markets and the economy always reconvene. How that will occur is at the core of our discussion in this first New Era, Fireside Chat.

Special Guest:

Felix Zulauf

BFI Panelists:

Frank R. Suess, Dirk Steinhoff, Daniel Zurbruegg

Password: Firesidechat1!

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