The BFI Difference?

The highest possible safety; even - and  particularly - during a crisis scenario

Contrary to other precious metal programs, BFI has its primary focus on safety and wealth protection, particularly in preparation of potential crisis scenarios.

Paper metal solutions, unallocated, or fractional storage arrangements may be suitable during normal times. But for investors who are concerned and seek true protection, such 'solutions' will not suffice.

10 Unique BFI Attributes


Physically Allocated
Coins & Bars

Our precious metals program is not subject to the limitations and risks stemming from fractional ownership or partial allocations. The precious metals holdings acquired and stored with us are 100% physically allocated. In other words: We deal with physical and complete products only - gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.


Promptly Deliverable

Since you own real, physically allocated goods, and not merely a fraction of or a claim to precious metals, there are no fabrication-related delays or costs. We can arrange deliveries for you promptly, fully insured and at attractive rates. Or you may contract a shipping carrier of your own choice.


Direct & Unencumbered Ownership

BFI clients own their  precious metals directly,  with no counterpart risk. You are not merely the holder of indirect claims, as is the case with ETF's, certificates, funds, and other 'paper gold' solutions. the metals held in storage with BFI Bullion are not part of our balance sheet, and they are not exposed to any creditor obligations.


Insured & Audited

The precious metals held in our vaults are insured for their full replacement value against fire, water, fraud, theft, and burglary. They are subject to monthly reconciliation reviews. Our financial books and our entire inventory around the world are audited at least annually by Ernst & Young.


Free of 'Back-Door' Limitation Clauses

BFI is prohibited from leasing, pledging, or otherwise disposing of your precious metals unless explicitly instructed by you, the owner. And there are no 'small-print' cash settlement clauses, or any other 'back-door' provisions that prevent you from physically retrieving or delivering your metals physically at any time.


High-Security Storage

All our vaults are operated according to internationally recognized high-security storage and logistics standards and procedures, and with state-of-the-art security infrastructures. Access to BFI vaults, for example for the purpose of retrieving metals from the vault, is always subject to the oversight of professional security personnel and subject to video surveillance.



Our program is not a bank solution. It is not an account, a security or certificate. BFI's trading and storage services are facilitated 'outside' of any exchange, bourse, or OTC market. There is no dependency on the functioning of financial markets. You are able to retrieve the precious metals you store with BFI whether stock markets and banks are open or not.


Offline Operability

Our program is not an online trading service. While we offer you the convenience of a private and protected online portal for reporting and transaction purposes, our operations are set up to function independent of the internet. In other words, we serve our clients personally and offline.


Personally  Accessible

Subject to the applicable security and identification procedures, you can personally check on or pick up your precious metal holdings at the vault. Or you can have a trusted person, based on a power of attorney, represent you there. This affords access to your holdings irrespective of whether the financial system is in crisis state or not.


Swiss Legal Framework

We are a purely Swiss company, with Swiss shareholders, and without international subsidiaries or branches. Your contract with BFI Bullion is under Swiss law. Switzerland is cherished for its stability, safety, solid rule of law and high service quality.

'A U.S. dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a promissory note that doesn't actually promise anything. It's not backed by gold or silver.'

- P.J. O'Rourke