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BFI Infinity
May 29, 2024

Effective Portfolio Risk Management | Gold's Role in the Global Financial System

This edition of BFI Infinity’s quarterly Insights puts the spotlight on gold and portfolio risk management with CEO, Daniel Zurbrügg, and CIO, Dirk Steinhoff, respectively, leading the charge with their thoughts and experience.

At BFI, we remain very bullish on the outlook for precious metals. The reasons for that are manifold, with the main concerns not only on economic developments, but political as well. Daniel explains how these developments have been colluding, which in turn has helped gold to regain its role as an anchor within the global financial system.

In the second article, Dirk outlines what the core ingredients of an effective portfolio risk management are. The importance of risk management in times like we are currently witnessing is obvious but what that entails, however, is often underestimated, or even misunderstood. It goes way beyond the mere downside protection through put options; it is a holistic concept that guides the entire investment strategy!

Download the PDF version of this BFI Infinity Insights edition below.

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