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December 9, 2021

What Makes Us Different

Hello everyone,

We hope you are doing well!

An all-time favorite question asked when assessing company founders and their businesses is “what do you do differently?” This question is one we want to address today, while also giving you a brief investment update.

At the time of writing, we have deployed roughly 85% of the capital raised, and have done so gradually. We made our first investment after BTC (using it as a market proxy) retracted from a new, all-time high of roughly $68K, entering the market at $60K. Since then, we have consistently been investing, spread across weeks, due to the nature of our underlying investments with varying subscription frequencies and dates. We expect to be fully invested by December. Our first price (i.e. NAV) update will be around the middle of December, and will reflect the development of a roughly 50% invested portfolio; this has to do again with time lag between our underlying investments. In January, you will have the first price update reflecting a fully invested portfolio.

Getting back to the question of what we do differently, we’ve identified two key dimensions: the people (the “who”), and our investment selection and structuring (the “how”).

First, let’s have a look at the company backing us and a more detailed view of our people ,here. The ,BFI Capital Group is a Swiss wealth management and technology group with 40 people and 30 years’ experience in the realm of asset management and wealth protection services; the group manages $1B of assets and has placed over $2B. The group most recently launched a successful blockchain start-up, ,aXedras, helping solve the “know-your-product” problem for the precious metals industry using distributed ledger technology (DLT). Then, ,BFI Bullion has over 10 years’ experience in the purchase and storage of physical precious metals in Switzerland, storage done outside of the banking system. With these two offerings, the group covers a wide spectrum from the purely digitally created assets based on mathematical protocols to the “offline/physical” ultimate crisis hedge. Last, but certainly not least, ,BFI Infinity is a boutique wealth management firm, offering premier independent investment advisory services. As you can see, the BFI Capital Group offers a one-stop opportunity for covering the needs of the investor looking for international diversification solutions.

Then, regarding the “how”, we believe that our success is a function of our extensive finance experience combined with technical know-how allowing us to make the right calls. Our proven and diverse skill set, along with our global network, affords us the ability to filter and select top tier crypto funds for our investors. We combine this on a ,product level, by operating our strategy through an “Actively Managed Certificate” vs a classic fund structure, offering various levels of comfort and advantages for investors. As a fund of fund, we bundle the capital of our investors, giving them access to a curated ensemble of diversified, hard-to-get actively managed strategies for a minimum CHF10K investment, whereas thresholds usually range from $250K-$1M per investment. Furthermore, we offer high monthly liquidity with no lockups. Instead of having to complete numerous fund subscription pages for each investment, you only need to call your bank and place one single buy order using our Swiss ISIN number.

All said, we feel confident in “what we do differently” and welcome the ability to contribute to an investors journey.

Have a great day and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Marc S. on behalf of Frank, Dirk, and Marc B.

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